Our Story

Shaped by lived experiences

Shaped by lived experiences.
MyBubble was initially founded by Qasim, an ex-soldier in the British Army and a self-taught Cyber Security Consultant/Ethical Hacker.
In early 2021, Qasim's younger sibling attempted suicide. When he found them, he had no idea what to do or how best to help. After being discharged from services the same day, he wondered how other families coped in similar circumstances.
He began researching for accessible services that could help his family's situation. After struggling to find something that allowed his family to support one another and access the support they needed 24/7, he set about designing and developing his own solution. He designed MyBubble in his free time at home and self-funded its creation.
Today, MyBubble has been downloaded by thousands of people internationally with 5-star ratings. It is actively used by families, friends, parents, children and everyone in between. Our team has also grown, bringing with them years of experience and expertise across mental health, psychiatry, engineering and product design.
We were founded with the goal of bringing tailored support to everyone regardless of income, background or location. Now, MyBubble will continue to leverage technology and science-backed approaches to deliver value to people’s lives for many more years to come.

The Beginning of MyBubble

"We are each other's harvest; we are each other's business; we are each other's magnitude and bond."

– Gwendolyn Brooks