Our Approach

We believe that there is more than one layer of support that can be used to improve one’s mental health and wellbeing. Check out our unique approach below!

Thinking in Layers

With our multi-layered approach to support, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to live a purposeful, peaceful and productive life.

Layer 1 - The Individual
We empower users to privately track their mental health, recognize how they’re trending over time and access tailored insights that help them self-care.
Layer 2 - The Bubble
Everyone can form their own Bubble of friends and family. Everybody within a Bubble can share how they’re feeling, recognize how everyone is trending and learn how to support those they care about most.
Layer 3 - The Community
We build communities of users, Bubbles, experts and professionals. Everyone can tap into our network of professionals and communities so that they can gain valuable insights, share their stories and access tailored support.