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MyBubble makes it easier to get help at the times when it’s hardest to ask. It’s also completely free to use!

Why do we exist ?

Many people’s experiences within the existing mental health system include long waiting times, high costs and the inability to access care unless you’re in crisis. It can also be incredibly disempowering to not be able to have a say in the support you receive or who delivers that support. We harness our lived experiences to augment the current system and remove existing inefficiencies.

What does MyBubble do?

At MyBubble, we believe that everyone should have access to mental health support whenever they need it. Not just in an emergency. We combine our diverse backgrounds and expertise to identify barriers to accessing mental health support. Then we set about creating solutions that remove these obstacles for as many people as possible.

How do we do this?

We leverage mobile technology, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to provide free, tailored mental health guidance and support for all. Through innovation and automation, we make the delivery of care much more efficient. This means that professionals can bring value to many more people whilst at the same time, users can access the support that they need at a click of a button

Our mission

We exist to bring families and friendship groups together to support one another. We strive to remove the existing inefficiencies and barriers that delay access to tailored support. We aim to become the go-to resource for the most engaging, varied and qualified mental health content that’s accessible to everyone.

Coming soon

Web3, Metaverse & NFTs

Our ambitious plans within Web3 include empowering people to learn more than ever before about their own mental health. They own this data and can use it to access relevant, immersive and accessible mental health care from anywhere in the world

What people are saying

Very simple app in terms of usage with the potential to save lives! Currently using this app to help a family member going through a tough time who struggles to communicate his feelings in conversation. Now he can hit a simple button to let us know a little extra support is needed. Can't wait to see what updates the future brings!


Russ Taylor

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Practice self-care and stay emotionally connected with family and friends!

Journal your mood

Practice regular daily self-reflection in your mood diary. Sort your moods into Good, Meh and Bad, and tag activities, like work, study and school. Add your innermost thoughts and emotions to the notes section of your diary - you can choose to share your mood, but your notes will only ever be visible to you.

Track your mood

Use MyBubble’s mood tracker to discover what triggers bad moods, when anxiety crops up, which activities increase stress, and what helps you achieve a sense of wellness. Explore your mental health tracker day by day, and see how your mood trends according to times of day and activities.

Stay connected with those you care about

When we get stuck in a rut, it can feel impossible to reach out for help. With MyBubble, everyone in your Bubble can send a mood alert at a click of a button to share how they’re feeling to whoever they want. It has never been easier to open up or stay emotionally connected with one another.