Pioneering Mental Health Care in the Metaverse

Join us within our MyBubble Metaverse hubs to attend free mindfulness sessions, expert-led educational events, peer-to-peer support meet-ups and more! We’ll soon be launching our therapy services too so stay tuned.

Not sure which event or session is right for you? No problem, our MyBubble app will be able to point you in the right direction!

MyBubble Metaverse will be your place to access the support you need from anywhere in the world, without the fear of judgement or feeling vulnerable.

MyBubble HQ Building
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How many metaverses can you find us in?

We know that everyone has their own preferences. That is why we don’t restrict
our services to just one metaverse, you can find us in many.

Ensure that your browser is web 3.0 enabled to visit us in the metaverses below